Try Something New

Life in Purple Challenge


Step out of your comfort zone by trying something new or turning a bad habit into a good one. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to sign up for that Zumba or French cooking class you’ve been thinking about or commit to a new healthy habit like bringing your lunch to work or going to bed earlier.

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After receiving a PH diagnosis, patients and caregivers have to learn many new things: information about the disease, navigating the healthcare system, taking their medications properly, and adapting their lifestyles and routines. It’s a lot to take in and these changes are not easy to integrate to everyday life.

Take-the-Challenge Bonus

Taking this Life in Purple Challenge will get you out of your comfort zone, just like a true PHighter! But you might just learn a new skill or reap the benefits of a new healthy routine!

Share Your Challenge 

Use this sample post to spread the word about your challenge!
“I am participating in the #LifeInPurpleChallenge for #PHAwarenessMonth by [insert your challenge] for [insert time frame]. Please support me by making a donation to @PHACanada here [insert the URL of your personal fundraising page or]. Thank you for helping me raise #PHAwareness.”

Challenge a PHriend

  • Pick a PHriend and a Life in Purple Challenge
  • Challenge your PHriend through social media, email, or in person
Challenge Accepted!
  • Invite your PHriend to use their Life in Purple Challenge as an opportunity to “challenge” others to donate to PHA Canada. Collecting donations is easy using our Life in Purple Challenge fundraising tools
  • Support your PHriend – cheer them on, spread the word, and encourage donations!
Challenge Rejected?
  • If you PHriend can’t take the Life in Purple Challenge this year, invite them to support you anyway by making a donation to PHA Canada in your honour
  • Then challenge a new PHriend to get involved!

Take the Challenge

  • Pick a Life in Purple Challenge
  • Start a personalized fundraising page to help you raise funds and #PHAwareness
  • Share your progress with your friends, family, and social networks
  • Collect donations from your supporters
  • Have PHun!
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