Get the Kids Involved

Get the whole family involved in raising #PHAwareness with these kid-friendly Life in Purple challenges!

If your child lives with PH, encourage them to challenge a PHriend or family member to “walk in their shoes” by taking on one of the following Life in Purple challenges. Children can also take on one of these challenges to support a PHighter they love.

Children who participate in the Life in Purple Challenge will receive a special certificate!

Do Your Chores

Challenge yourself to keep your room clean, empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, or do your homework.

Go to Bed Early

Challenge yourself to go to bed early and listen to your parents when they tell you it’s time to go to bed!

Share Your Toys

Challenge yourself to share your favourite toy with a sibling or friend.

Eat Food That’s Good For You

Challenge yourself to try new foods this month or make sure you finish the veggies on your plate!

Challenge a PHriend


  • Pick a PHriend and a Life in Purple Challenge
  • Fill out a Life in Purple Challenge Form
  • Give the filled-out Life in Purple Challenge Form to your PHriend
  • Get your PHriend to sign the form if they accept the challenge
  • Support your PHriend and help them take on the challenge
  • Have PHun!
  • Contact PHA Canada to request a Life in Purple Challenge certificate (email

Take the Challenge


Resources for Families

Order a Kids Life in Purple Challenge Package with printed Life in Purple Challenge forms, stickers, and other resources. Please indicate how many forms you would like us to mail you.

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